"My goal is to create contemporary, heirloom quality pieces that are delightful to behold, a pleasure to use, and worthy of the space they occupy."

Each piece that I create is an investment in beauty and craftsmanship. Each is unique. Some have a Craftsman aesthetic or an apparent Asian influence, while others had a decidedly mid-century feel. They all have integrity. Fusing classic sensibility with contemporary style is my guiding principle, whether designing an individual piece of furniture or cabinetry for an entire room.

An engineer in a family of artists, I was raised and educated in New York City. Emerging from a career in technology, my contemporary style is the natural fusion of my engineering background with an intrinsic sense of art and design.I now live and work in Groton, MA where I founded Castlewerks in 2008. As a designer-maker, I concentrate on custom furniture and cabinetry along with small batch production of my Rocket Age inspired lamps.

Michael McCoy

Groton, MA


Spire Lamp Spire Lamp Shadow